Friday Service Schedule

Friday service starts at 7.30pm
and is £3.50 on the door
Mediums can some times change

RE-Opening of Stockwell Spiritualist Church 2021

 July 2021

Friday 30th Medium Trevor Christian

 August 2021

Friday 6th Aug  mediums are Sonia Thomson & Mark Flannigan

Friday 13th Aug Medium Ian Taylor

Friday 20th Aug Medium Paul Bathgate

Friday 27th Aug Medium Tanya Streatfield

The committee have made the decision that we will be opening up on a Friday evening only to start with one Sunday for the rest of 2021.  please see Sunday services for August service

The church doors will be opened at 7.15pm

We do ask if you can bring the correct money as it will help us to get everyone seated quickly

Everyone will have to wear a face mask upon entering the church. plus we will ask you for your names and contact details each time you attend the church. We will not be selling any tea or coffee to the public for the time beening.

The service will now not have any singing but we will play the music as normal which will give you time for your thoughts and reflections

The plan is that this, as you know this could also change at a short notice  which we do ask you to check with the web site or look for the poster on the gate.

The Committee are looking forward to welcoming you back.